Welcome to our website klara-and-luna.eu.

On this page, we collect all the information concerning our fundraising campaign for Klara´s diabetes service dog “Luna”. “We” that are Klara´s parents: Anne-Sophie and Kerstin. 

Klara has diabetes type 1 since December 2014. It has been a tough ride so far, including hospitalisation, allergic reactions to insulin and countless sleepless nights – but with the great support of our family and friends, Klara´s school Pius X in Destelbergen, our doctors and the diabetes educators and the KSA Sint-Lieven Meisjes, we have always aspired to give Klara a life as normal as possible for a brave little girl. 

However, Klara becomes more and more independent and we as parents cannot be around her all the time: sleep-over at friends, summer camps, swimming classes, day trips with the KSA or school excursions. While Klara is already quite good in reacting adequately to her increasing or decreasing sugar levels during the day, she does not feel any sugar level changes during nights. And this can be quite dangerous since she can even lapse into a coma. 

Luna will be able to help Klara with that. She can smell when Klara is too high or too low and she can warn Klara or us so that we can either increase the insulin in Klara´s blood or give Klara something to eat to increase her sugar level. 

Luna will be trained by Canis Fidelis, a Belgian non-profit organisation specialised in training service dogs. The entire education takes one year but at the end of Luna´s school career, Luna will be the perfect match for Klara and Klara´s diabetes. The training is quite intensive and costs 25.000€, which is an amount that we cannot afford just like that. Hence this website: we want to organise a fundraising campaign and we hope that we can collect 25.000€. Luna will be great friend for Klara and an even greater help for us in order to enable Klara to live a life like a normal kid.